Camcorder Firewire Cable

Are you looking for something that connects your Apple Mac with your Camcorder / Handy Cam? We bring you firewire cables that allows you to connect Apple MAC and PC (Hard Drives / Printers / Camcorders and more). Connects speed-critical audio/visual peripherals and multimedia devices to your computer. It offer Plug and play, We stock an array of different Firewire cables whether you are looking for 4 to 4 pin, 4 to 6 pin, 4 to 9 pin, 6 to 6 pin or 9 to 9 pin Firewire cable, we got you covered. we have created cables with high braid density and for exceptional performance and reliability. Firewire Cables are also known as FireWire for Apple and i.LINK for Sony. if you are unsure which cable your Camcorder / Handy Cam requires, please contact our customer support. We are here to help you and will ensure you choose the right cable and adapter for your kit to go with your current devices.
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